Sunday, November 20, 2011


Creative exercise: write about, draw, design, or photograph your perspective of the word serendipity

It's really interesting to me that "serendipity" was the word Vicki gave us for our first creative exercise in the Raining Umbrellas course because I already felt that it was seredipity that led me to Vicki and her blog, then her e-course in the first place. I was on Picnik (an online photo editing site) and noticed an interesting featured Picniker who turned out to be Vicki. I was immediately drawn to her photos, with their soft desaturated look and vintage style, so appealing and beautiful. After reading her interview, I started following Vicki's blog, Simply Hue, and now here I am in her e-course!

I recently came across this on Pinterest (more serendipity) and it really resonates with my feelings about serendipity, especially when it comes to people:

An Ancient Chinese proverb says “An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, and despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangle, but will never be broken.”

I love noticing serendipity in my life and being aware of the happy accidents it brings. Underneath the idea of making fortunate discoveries by accident, I think there is something else, a connection that was there before, but we weren't ready to notice or experience.  Perhaps in a way, there really are no accidents, just connections to discover or beauty to see all around us.

Don't forget to look up, you might miss the rainbows!


  1. Jennifer,

    I so enjoyed reading your thoughts on Serendipity. The Chinese proverb is beautiful! The thought of that "red thread" connecting one another is quite poetic. Such a wonderful observation you made about connections being there, but perhaps we weren't ready to notice or experience them yet. I can certainly look back to moments in time, where an experience was right in front of me or an opportunity, a person -- but my eyes weren't ready to meet it yet. Certainly gives us a lot to think about!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Oh, wow, Jennifer! Great capture and your Blythe doll looks so adorable (and dresses appropriately, of course). I love this and really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Serendipity.

    Thanks for your sweet words. You're such an encourager. :)

  3. Hi Jennifer! I love your point of view about serendipity. The idea of the red thread and being ready to notice the connections... just beautiful! Love the photo too, great light.